Our story


Hi -

We are Doris and Tobias Pütz.
In 2019 we decided to leave our home country germany and moved to the floridian paradise. We left a lot of clutter and found not only nice people and beautiful surroundings, but also a place where we love to work and where dreams can come true. What we took with us from the old world is the high quality standards of our work.  

We offer a full range  of furniture manufacture, carpentry and framing services including interior repair and renovation, house remodeling, custom trim installations and built-in constructions, and more - and all work is guaranteed. Our team is experienced, efficient, and always professional. You can be sure you will receive high-quality service, with excellent attention to detail and clear, accurate quotes from a team with more than 30 years experience.

We put a lot of pride into our work - and this is not only a slogan, but a promise!


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I am Tobias Pütz, the owner of "The German Woodworker Inc."

Early on I developed my enthusiasm for the living material wood and the planning and production of furniture and room elements.

That's why I decided to become a carpenter. This profession has long since become a passion. Meanwhile, I look back on 30 years of professional experience in craftsmanship.

After my three-year training, I gained extensive know-how through working with architects and interior designers. In addition to this activity, I attended the master school in Düsseldorf for three years and received my degree in addition to a trainer license.

For over twelve years I have been working as a freelance carpenter. My focus so far has been mainly on the love of detail, which I lend expression through my creativity and a personal touch. Here, the wishes of my customers are very important to me. Only after detailed planning with you and comprehensive advice from me, the individual pieces of furniture are made, because we want our customers to be satisfied.

I am Doris Pütz.

After my business education I studied economics at the University in Düsseldorf, Germany.

After graduating, I worked as senior sales manager and teamleader in various companies in the steel industry.

My current area of ​​responsibility in our company includes the commercial part, marketing and sales.

I am looking forward to this new task. 


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I am Ripley Pütz.

I am actually the real boss on this company - but my coworkers don't get it. I am eyeing whatever work is done here and my job is the final quality control. And I am responsible for the security in the workshop, so none of the precious new projects gets lost. 

If you have me on your side, the job is already half done. Maybe there is a chance to bribe me with some sausages or ... - just give it a try!

our workshop

In our workshop we use a wide range of tools to create a high-quality, custom-made product that pleases our customers. 

You are always welcomed to visit us here and maybe even to watch us building your dream-whatever...

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